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What Your Stylist Wants You to Know

The hair and beauty world can be very overwhelming and confusing. We want you to know you can be honest with us. Please tell us all about your past experiences both bad and good. Tell us what your dream colour and cut is. Tell us what you have problems with, or what you absolutely love about your hair. Once we have had a good chat about your hair, please feel free to sit in peace and quiet and relax, or chat away. Either way we don’t mind at all and we want you to enjoy the experience.

Please don’t be scared to ask us what we are doing and what we are using. With so many different options and brands of colours, shampoos, conditioners and products, how do you decide what is best for you and your hair? At Blush Girl we use Original Mineral, a low chemical Australian Brand. They have removed several harsh infamous ingredients to make it the healthiest hair choice.

When preparing for your service, please come with clean hair. It does not need to be freshly washed, but if you have week old hair with sweat, significant product build up, or it has been in a bun for days, we will not be able to achieve maximum results. Please do not come with retouch spray or significant product build up in your hair, this can affect the colour causing it to not take properly. When preparing for a colour service you should ensure you are using high quality products and using a hair treatment if preparing for a lightening service. This will assist your stylist to create the best possible results for you in salon and avoid any risk of chemical reactions that can happen with poor product use.

Investing in your products may seem like a quite a financial investment at first, but buying the right products can really pay off in the end. When you use high quality products you will realise how much longer they last for and how much better your hair will behave for you. When coming to the salon and spending hundreds of dollars on your colour, you want it to last as long as possible right? Using professional products will help your colour hold when washing and prevent fading from sunlight.

It is important to be prepared for a journey to reach your desired result. Often big colour changes take more than one session. Know we care for you and your hair, we will try our best to achieve big epic results, but sometimes it is not possible in a single session. We will always let you know if we don’t think your colour is possible or if your hair is too damaged for a service, health of hair is always our number one priority. We are also here to help you decide what hairstyle is best for your lifestyle, face shape and style. Please come with images but be prepared that your hair will not look exactly like the image. That’s the beauty of hair, there are no two heads the same, we are all unique and beautiful in our own way.

Taylah Martin


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