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Should You Go Pink?

Every time we post pink hair we get an influx of clients at appointments asking; Can I have pink?? You saw pink on Instagram and you thought it would be fun. Going pink can be relatively easy but it can also be really difficult even impossible depending on where your hair colour is currently. Well heres a check list and some super helpful info before you make your decision.

If you are already blonde and are inspired by some insta pink and want to give it a go... great! Go ahead! It's pretty low risk and relatively easy. Your stylist will adjust your toner to give you a pretty soft pastel pink or what ever pink you've decided on, but there's a few things you should know. When I say blonde I mean very blonde. Your hair has to be a level 8-10 which is on at the top of the blonde levels, think platinum blonde. Also heres a warning, it is a high maintenance colour. It will fade out, depending on your wash cycle, within 1- 4 weeks. It will soften out to something really pretty like a pearly blonde. If you want to keep that pink you'll need to schedule toners every 3-4 weeks in salon or investigate homecare that deposits a pinky tone. All in all if you are already blonde go for it have some fun its all pretty harmless.

If you are not blonde and you are dreaming of pink, you have quite a journey ahead and should absolutely be prepared for a big investment, a few sessions and you'll have to be committed to the absolute best home care. If you are naturally very dark I would say pink isn't the right option for you. Mostly due to the damage that the lightening process would cause just to achieve the perfect pink. If you desperately want to give it a go, a balayage with a dark pink toner may be your best chance.

I hope this helps! Enjoy this candy inspired Blush Girl photoshoot featuring Insta pink hair.

And one last thing if you plan on trying pink give your stylista heads up before you arrive. You probably need extra time added to your appointment or even a consult prior to the scheduled day.

Lauren McNamee


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