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Simple ways to style your hair at home this spring with Blush Girl

We Know its always hard to come up with everyday styling at home. We want & quick easy.

We spotted these two on trend styles on daily bender and recreated them. Watch the tutorials on @blushgirlsalon Igtv.

Heres a walk through LOOK 1

Step 1: Depending on your hair, either work with your natural or do a blow-dry.

Step 2: Part your hair straight down the centre as if you were creating two ponytails.

Step 3: Section out the desired fringe.

Step 4: Use a small rubber hair tie and tie into two pigtails. Fasten hair around to the side as much as possible.

Step 5: Use your tail comb to create some texture spray with Desert Dry.

Step 6: Wrap around tightly and secure with pins.

Step 7: Pull out the buns to make them bigger and create texture. Spray with the Original Queenie hairspray.

Step 8: To finish get your straightener and create a bend in your fringe.

Step 9: Brush out fringe.



Step 1: Use your straightener to create a slight wave through the back not worrying too much about underneath.

Step 2: Curl the two front sections (framing your face) back away from the face.

Step 3: Use our Favourite Brush to brush everything through.

Step 4: Get two small rubber hair ties and create a small section working form the ear to top of head. Pull tightly and secure.

Step 5: Repeat on other side

Step 6: Finish with texture spray.



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