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The Perfect Summer Colour for Brunettes

The face frame trend continues to evolve and we love it so much at Blush Girl. Featured here on Amy, is a great example of how it can be used to give a brunette brightness perfect for summer. The reason I love this look for Amy, a natural brunette, is because I don’t have to over lighten her hair to make her feel like a blondie. This is perfect, as over lightening a brunette can create something that is high maintenance and can also really dry out the hair. 

Amy had some preexisting lightening and at the this session we only added a face frame. The face frame equates to a half head of foils. So if you were wanting to book it at blush girl you would request a half head of face framing foils. We also added a semi through the back to add some depth and really make that front pop! 

Its the perfect summer hair for a brunette. 

Lauren McNamee


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