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My Career Journey

From a very young age I had a passion for fashion, always dressing up, doing funky makeup looks and playing with mine, my family and friends hair. From the age of 3 I did calisthenics, continuing onto dance and drama. I always loved how good I felt having my hair and makeup for shows, so I wanted to help people feel good about themselves too. I am a very creative person. I’ve always loved all forms of art, my mum does pottery sculpturing and my dad does creative writing. They both are very handy and always have a project on their hands around the house. I had many Barbie dolls which I gave makeovers to, would cut their off and style in different ways and mum taught me how to do lots of hair styles including braiding. In year 10 high school I began my first job in fashion retail, and begun a short hair and makeup course. I loved it and begun to experiment a lot more with colouring and cutting my own hair. I had every colour you can imagine, blue, red, pink, black and blonde. My private school didn’t really approve of my whacky style, so in year 11 I moved to a senior school to pursue my certificate 2 in hairdressing.

When I finished year 12 I found myself an apprenticeship in a small local salon. I would work full time in salon and my retail job after salon hours. I begun working with older clients doing lots of all over colours, roller sets, perms, blow-dries. I then moved to a larger salon with younger clientele where I began more foil work and cutting. I have always loved styling for formal occasions; throughout my apprenticeship I did a lot of wedding hair and makeup. I later decided to stop doing makeup and focus on hair. When I first begun cutting I accidentally cut my knuckle so bad I had to get stitches (ouch). I also really over bleached my hair and it all snapped off and took about 3 years to grow back. So I am now very passionate about hair condition, using good quality products, and caring for your hair at home.

I qualified at the beginning of 2018 and in June of that year began working at Blush Girl. I love to get involved with any training as I believe you can never stop learning, and I love learning. I love teaching people how to manage, style and care for their hair at home.

I love foil work, balayage, cutting and styling for formal occasions. On my weekends I soak up as much sunshine as I can outdoors and spend time with my animals. I enjoy music- concerts, festivals, travel and explore as much as I can, and I love eating yummy food. I love exercising and my favourite place in the world is the beach. I shop lots both online, in store and op shop or vintage stores, and I enjoy experimenting with making things myself (eg. tie dying, sewing, cutting things up to revamp).

Taylah Martin


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