Before booking an appointment, get to know who we are and where we came from. We’re sure you’ll love your Blush Girl experience!

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What to expect at Blush Girl

Our clients come to be a part of a happy, thriving environment where anyone is welcome and the team members support and empower each other. A place where their stylist really cares about their hair and how they are made to feel from start to finish and in-between appointments. They come to see a stylist who is well presented, on-trend in their own individual way and they expect to be treated with care, consideration and kindness. They come to us because of the community we have built within Blush Girl.

Our History


Let’s start at the beginning

Blush Girl opened in 2014. I opened as a sole trader with no intention to grow any bigger. My idea was to create the best possible experience, at an affordable price. With my quality training, background and my decision to start in a small location, I was able to achieve this.


Word spread fast!

I found that shortly after opening, my 80-hour a week schedule, was booked out. I encouraged my younger sister, Alivia, to come in as a helping hand and I took on my first apprentice, Lauren Hunter in 2015.


Growing the love

Not long after, baby Sonny came along which pushed us to grow the business during this time.



We moved our location to a shop 4 times the size - this is the shop we are in now.


And cheers to the future!

My vision for Blush Girl continues to evolve. I have the desire to create, change and better conditions for creative artists in the hair and beauty industry and hope to see this happen in our salon and in my time in business.


I have the desire to create, change and better conditions for creative artists in the hair and beauty industry and hope to see this happen in our salon and in my time in business.


Team members

Our team are full time and highly skilled.

They are involved in ongoing training and are all confident in modern techniques, we invite you to find your favourite stylist but know that whoever you book will take care of you in the same special way! Our team, all with unique skills and personalities, come together to create.

Lauren McNamee


14 years experience. Excited about offering opportunity to her team and sharing her skills. Has a vision for creating something unique to this industry.

Lauren Hunter

senior stylist/ team leader

Our Team leader loves to travel, always smiling and passionate about hair. Strong in all areas.

Alivia McNamee

makeup artist / salon coordinator /media

Our fashionista and creative star Liv creates the most flawless dewy makeups and helps support our team in front of house.

Shauna Lee

senior stylist

The one with the most beautiful blonde hair, has sharp skills and attention to detail. Always caring and considerate about what she is doing.

Taylah Martin

senior stylist

Confident, honest stylist. Has an eye for the trends and knows how to nail a face frame balayage and loves to formal style.

Ali Lucia

senior stylist

Loves to work with the blondies. Calm, confident stylist. Enthusiastic about life!

Claudia Schulz

junior stylist

Our beachy boho babe, she loves blonde and balayage. She is bright and happy.

Emma Nicol

junior stylist

Sweet Emma will care for you gently, making sure she follows all the steps correctly. Also excited about her future in hairdressing.


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