"I have the desire to create change and better conditions for creative artists in the hair and beauty industry and hope to see this happen in our salon and in my time in business."



Lauren McNamee

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Blush Girl opened in 2014. I opened as a sole trader with no intention to grow any bigger. My idea was to create the best possible experience, at an affordable price. With my quality training, background and my decision to start in a small location, I was able to achieve this.

Meet The Team


Lauren McNamee


Lauren has 15 years experience. She is always excited about offering opportunities to her team and sharing her skills. Lauren is constantly looking forward and has a vision for creating something unique to this industry.

Blush Girl North


Lauren Hunter

Salon Manager

Our salon manager loves to travel, she is always smiling and passionate about hair. Strong in all areas.


Heidi Brough

Senior Stylist/Educator

Heidi loves all things about hairdressing. She particularly loves to do volume styling and enjoys learning new things. 


Alicia Geradis

Senior Stylist

After taking a break from hairdressing and travelling the world, Alicia is back and more excited then ever to return to the industry. A big time lover of styling she cannot wait to see you all!


Emma Nicol

Junior Stylist

Sweet Emma will care for you gently, making sure she follows all the steps correctly. Newly qualified, she is excited about her future in hairdressing.


Isla Welch

Junior Stylist

Isla is friendly and bubbly.
Isla is passionate about supporting the team and loves working with our clients. She is excited to see where her future in hairdressing will
take her. 


Lucy Versace

Junior Stylist

Lucy is warm and inviting. She has a strong passion for hairdressing and is eager to learn more about the industry and develop her skills. She is so excited about her future in hairdressing!


Yasmine Darwish

Junior Stylist

Yasmine started hairdressing when she was 16 and has been in love with it ever since! She particularly loves styling and doing anything blonde! When she is not doing hair you can find her looking for the best food in Adelaide!

Blush Girl East


Ali Lucia

Salon Manager/Educator

Ali is passionate about hair education and sharing her knowledge. She loves to work with the blondies. Calm, confident stylist. Enthusiastic about life!


Claudia Schulz

Senior Stylist

Claudia is our beachy boho babe, loves anything blonde and balayage. She is bright and happy and can always be seen with a smile on her face. 


Peyton Remphrey

Junior Stylist

Peyton is friendly, caring and bubbly! She knew she wanted to be a hairdresser since she was very young and loves making clients feel confident in themselves. A lover of all things hair Peyton can't wait to grow her skills at Blush Girl!

Sophie 2.jpg

Makeup, Reception & Media

Alivia McNamee

Ella Lazaros-Meyer

Sophie Hjortnaes

Makeup Artist /Media/Reception

Our fashionista and creative star Liv creates the most flawless dewy makeups and helps support our team in front of house.

Social Media/Reception

Ella is passionate about all things graphic design and communications related! catch her snapping pics in salon and updating our online content!

Salon Co-ordinator/Reception

A lover of all things beauty and fashion, Sophie is excited to support the team front of house and to be a part of the growth at Blush Girl!