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My Top 3 O&M Products

1 This is a product I use on a lot of my clients it’s amazing to use after a colour to give ultimate shine, help restore the hair, eliminate frizz and give a beautiful silky finish to a blow-dry and for all my clients it’s the gold tub that I pull out my trolly and say omg how good does this smell! This product is Project Sukuroi, this is my favourite smelling product of the O&M range, the way it leaves the hair feeling after a full head of balayage, it’s incredible. This product is definitely a must have if you have thick, dry, blonde or heat damaged hair. I will always apply a small amount to the mid length and ends of the hair before I blow dry and I’ll use a tiny bit after straightening or curling for the best shine and who doesn’t want shiny hair?!

2 I also use this product on nearly every client. For anyone seeking volume, anybody with a fringe and even when I’m styling my men’s cuts, Surf Bomb is perfect. This product is amazing for giving volume in your blow-drys, helping enhance your natural curl, help to get your curtain fringes to sit right and for my male clients it helps to give a seamless finish especially if they have soft hair. I use this product by spraying the root area following with a blow dry. This product is also amazing to use after you have waved/let your hair dry naturally, I would spray a bit into the ends of your hair and scrunch to help give a beachy textured look!

3 This one is my personal favourite and I can’t blow-dry my own hair without this product, this goes out to all my bob length, thin haired girls who need to create volume and thickness and also need some heat protection! This product is Atonic Thickening Spritz. This product is amazing if you hair needs a bit of helping hand when it comes to volume. If you’re looking to get a full voluminous look; I always spray this product on my roots and ends to give as much volume and thickness throughout my hair as possible. I also love knowing that this product is protecting my hair when I use my heat tools to blow-dry and style!

Lauren Hunter


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