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7 Simple Ways to Maintain your Blonde and Prevent Damage

1. Salon Care When maintaining your blonde in salon, my recommendation is to get a full head of foils in one session, and in 6-8 weeks time avoid foil work and only get a toner. In another 6-8 weeks get a half head of foils and repeat the cycle. This method allows you to upkeep your blonde while causing the least amount of damage.

2. Purple or Silver Shampoo + Conditioner If you’re looking to maintain your hair at home try a purple or silver shampoo or conditioner. Depending on your tone preference, for a more ashy look leave your shampoo or conditioner in for five minutes once a week. If you're only wanting to remove any unwanted brassy tones leave the product in for up to two minutes. 3. Treatments Treatments! Treat your hair girl, pamper yourself once a week by using a treatment to keep that blonde looking healthy and luscious. When going blonde you may find your hair is feeling dry, if so try using a moisture treatment. If your hair isn’t feeling dry you can try using a protein treatment, but keep in mind that for some hair types protein treatments might be too heavy (ask your hairdresser for their recommendations). 4. Heat Heat is a big contributor to hair damage. Avoid using heat tools too regularly, otherwise use a low heat and apply a heat protectant spray to your hair prior to styling. 5. Brush Brush your hair prior to having a shower removing any knots. Your hair is at its weakest when wet, brushing your hair and trying to get knots out when your hair is wet can cause hair strands to rip out. 6. Eat healthy Eating healthy is a big contributor to healthy hair. Putting the right vitamins and nutrients in your body is going to be the most beneficial thing you can do for your hair. 7. Shampoo + Conditioner Since you should only be using your purple shampoo and conditioner once a week, what do you use for the rest of the week? If you have dry blonde hair try using a maintainer shampoo and a moisture conditioner. For fine hair, use a lightweight shampoo or deep cleanse shampoo (be mindful some deep cleansing shampoos can strip the tone out of your hair) and for a conditioner try using a volume or a maintainer conditioner. Claudia Schultz


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