Training Models


We have an opportunity for you to become a training model under our Junior Stylist Training Program. This program is being held Friday fortnightly, 9am - 12pm. We provide our Junior Stylist team with one on one training guided by our qualified stylists. For this we are seeking people who are willing to be training models.

What you can expect: You will be provided with a beautiful service as you would at any other Blush Girl appointment. However it will take place in our training room and is likely to take longer due to interruptions for training purposes.

Please be aware that your stylist is learning and that the results will reflect their experience.If you are looking for the highest possible results, please can I recommend that you see our most experienced team members. 

Before registering please ensure you can agree to all of the following:

x You're available on Fridays 9am-12pm
x You can come alone

x You understand that this is a learning environment

x You understand there is a model fee of $30.00 to cover product costs

x You understand that you will only receive the pre-confirmed service on the day and that no other service will be provided


To register your interest please fill out the form below. This will give us the information we need and add you to our list of contacts. 



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.